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Recommended Reading Selections for Eulogies

When planning out what to say during a eulogy, many people like to find readings and quotes that truly expresses their feelings towards their loved ones. Whether you choose a bible quote or a popular poem, these readings are here help you develop a eulogy befitting of your loved one. Below are a number of [...]

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Spreading the Word to Loved Ones After a Death

When a loved one dies, your whole world may feel like it is turned upside-down. Amidst the loss, the pain, and the grief is the new task planning for funeral arrangements. But sometimes, the most daunting task thrust upon you is informing friends and family that your loved one has passed. Communication and Acceptance Part [...]

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Cremation Urns and Keepsakes for Ashes

Urns have been in burial services, with cremation dating far into ancient times. From simple stone boxes to urns of ornate finery, there is a large assortment of options for your loved one’s urns. Some families choose to go with a more personal touch, such as keepsake urns or pendants. These options allow a number [...]

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Common Places to Scatter Ashes

After cremating a loved one, some families prefer to scatter the ashes, rather than keeping them in an urn. Scattering the ashes of your loved one can provide closure for you and your family. Many people enjoy the idea of scattering ashes in a place that meant a lot to the deceased, such as their [...]

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Sympathy Messages for Sending Flowers

When sending flowers to a funeral, people often don’t know what to say on the sympathy card. You want to sound sincere and heartfelt, but not too cookie cutter with your message. Sending flowers to brighten the day of the mourning family is a great way to lift their spirits and show your support in [...]

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Catholic Liturgical Colors

During sundays as well as eulogies, priests of the Catholic faith don vestments of various colors. These colors are usually a reflection of the time of year it is in the liturgical calendar. Except in times of mourning, priests will usually stay with the normal yearly progression of vestment colors. Green Green is the standard [...]

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5 Important Notes on Sending Funeral Flowers

Sending flowers to a funeral is one of the best ways to show your condolences to the grieving family. Flowers say what words can not. They convey the love and joy that the deceased brought to the world. A beautiful arrangement can be uplifting to the spirits of those suffering such a great loss. But [...]

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Flower Arrangement Types

There are many different types of flower arrangements for funeral homes, from crosses to wreaths, to sprays. When deciding on the style of arrangement you should send, it is important to understand the symbolic meanings behind them. Wreaths Wreaths are among the most common memorial arrangements. They create a circle of flowers, often featuring a [...]

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Superior Floral Arrangements for Staten Island, New Jersey and Brooklyn

Matthew Florist, Monuments and Gift Shop delivers superior floral arrangements for funerals in Staten Island, New Jersey and Brooklyn, NY. If you are looking to send a quality flower arrangement to a local funeral home you can call Matthew Florist Monument and Gift Shop or you can order online at www.matthewfloristandmonuments.com . When you order [...]

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