There are many different types of flower arrangements for funeral homes, from crosses to wreaths, to sprays. When deciding on the style of arrangement you should send, it is important to understand the symbolic meanings behind them.


Wreaths are among the most common memorial arrangements. They create a circle of flowers, often featuring a bow. Mostly sent by friends or family, the wreath symbolizes eternal life.


A gate arrangement is meant to symbolize the entrance to heaven. This arrangement is often sent by family members, especially for when the loved one who passed is elderly.


Heart arrangements are most commonly sent by spouses and partners. The heart symbolizes everlasting love and compassion for them. It is most commonly done in red or white roses.


Crosses are usually done in white flowers. They are very traditional arrangements meant to highlight the faith of the deceased. This is usually sent by close family members.


Casket Sprays cover the bottom half of the casket, for open casket viewings. This is traditionally sent by a child or spouse of the deceased.
Standing Sprays add to the ambiance of the room and are meant to brighten up the room. Anyone can send this arrangement; and it is one of the most common types. If you cannot make the funeral, this is a common type of arrangement to send in your stead.


Bible arrangements cover a pedestal that holds a copy of the bible, usually held opened. The arrangement is meant to display the beauty of the word of the book.


Basket arrangements come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Any friend or family member that wishes to send a flower arrangement can appropriately send a basket. They represent sympathies and love for the deceased.

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